Wedding Photography

Our photographers will help you organize any event and capture these memorable experiences. Whether it is a proposal, a honeymoon, a wedding, an engagement party, an anniversary celebration..

Excitement and glamour of a wedding is brought out with the wedding pictures starting from the pre shoot, full event coverage including the wedding, homecoming and thank you cards etc., to make lasting memories. We are delighted to provide the most experienced wedding photographers in Sri Lanka to make your special day unique and memorable


It’s the golden moment of your life when you realize that “The special one” just became yours forever.


A challenging yet such a scintillating experience for both the couple and a photographer during which his or her artistry is put to the test.


Capturing love, emotion beauty and excitement in its grandest splendor is our favorite. It can be a daunting but an extremely rewarding experience.


You embark on a new journey amidst the blessings of your loved ones and their tears of both joy and sorrow.


It’s a milestone in one’s life and is always a moment of great pleasure and laughter. People always tend to find innovative ways to celebrate birthdays.


We believe in a casual approach to newborn photography, as our intention is to capture more natural moments of the baby and most importantly capturing the wonder and amazement between the family members.